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Andy GelderFirstly I would like to welcome you to my Website www.andy-gelder.com The Official Home Of Andy Gelder. Online Digital Entrepreneur, Coach And Mentor Sharing with you Digital Marketing Education For Online Success In Today’s Digital Marketplace

My working career began in the motor trade back in 1980. Over the next twenty years I progressed up the career ladder and ended up with a well paid job in a senior management position with a company that was then an industry leader in the motor vehicle repair business. Two nice cars on a drive outside a detached house up a nice quiet Cul-De-Sac and life was good..For a short while.

You see life throws challenges at you sometimes and how you deal with those challenges determines how your life turns out. If you make good choices with your challenges, life turns out good. If you make bad choices with your challenges life can be very chaotic to say the least. You guessed it..

I messed up. BIG TIME

I Messed Up

Hope Keeps Us Going.

Our house, the cars and worst of all my family was torn apart by it and I ended up living on my own in a one bedroom flat in an undesirable area with some undesirable people.

But this is not a sad story at all and far from it.

Around about the same time I came across the industry of Network Marketing and part of that company was a Personal Development program that would change my life for the better for good.

Why am I telling you this? I am not looking for sympathy or for you to feel sorry for me. No not at all. I am here to tell you that, for you, life can be very different, but only if that is what you want.

Life is made up of choices that are based on how we as individuals perceive life on a daily basis. As I said a couple of paragraphs ago “life throws challenges at you sometimes and how you deal with those challenges determines how you life turns out”. If you are looking to change your circumstances, then what I have here may be helpful to you.

If however your life is great and just as you want it then what is here may still be of value to you too. (From an informative or maybe inspirational viewpoint)

I may not have all the answers to the questions you might have but what I do have is a journey I am travelling on and I would like share that journey with some likeminded people.

You see I have a purpose, a mission in life that I would like to accomplish. A selfless mission, a desire to grow into the person that can accomplish such a life’s purpose. That purpose is:

“To Lead People Towards Owning Their Lives And Teach Them To Lead In The Same Way”

I myself am not a guru in Internet Marketing terms or an industry expert by any means. But what I am is a person who is willing and excited about the future of the Digital Economy and how it has already had positive financial rewards for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. An industry that is still in its infancy and who’s potential to impact the lives of millions is imminent.

If you have read this far then what I have said so far has touched your inner core and maybe you are looking to change your life but perhaps you are not sure where to begin. If that is the case then what I can offer you is a step by step guide that will lead you towards setting in place the foundations of running a successful business from home. A business that has given many the rewards they and their families deserve in life.

So to travel with me on your own journey click the banner below and start your journey with me today and receive a free 7 day Marketing Bootcamp.

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To The Success That You Deserve.

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